Pace Homepage Redesign

Location Start End Planned
-none- Monday, September 10 8:00 PM Monday, September 10 10:00 PM Yes

WHAT IS HAPPENING: ITS Web Services, in partnership with University Relations and Enrollment Management, will be releasing a redesign of the Pace homepage ( between the hours of 8pm and 10pm on Monday, September 10th. During this time the homepage will have intermittent service, but the rest of the website will be unaffected.

WHY IS THIS OCCURRING: The look and feel of the homepage has been enhanced with a new vertical layout, which highlights Pace University in a video playing at the top of the page and other relevant news and informational content appearing below as one scrolls down to subsequent sections.  The Directories link has been moved from the top of the page to the footer section.

SERVICES AFFECTED: Pace Homepage only (